FLowie for procurement

Gain global spend
visibility and control

Visibility over spending is key to reach global cash flow control. Maintain spending within budget constraints easily. Automate purchase requests and approvals to reach total Procurement efficiency.


Centralize all intakes company-wide

Approve with no code workflows at scale


Reach full AP Automation


Drive global adoption with consumer-grade UX

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Join the future of global Procurement

Create the perfect procurement experience for all your employees, through consumer-grade experience and full AP automation. Manage purchase request, POs and invoices fast and efficiently.
Integrate in a few clicks with your existing ecosystem of tools : accounting software, ERPs, banks...

Reach global adoption

We believe global adoption of a centralized Procurement platform is key to reach total spending visibility : that's why we focus on user experience.

Improve approval efficiency

Flowie's world-class AI Copilot helps employees speed up their cross-functional approval flows, by summezing the contextual informations available.

Get detailed spend insights

Drive spend efficiency across your organizaion through detailed data insights. Get a global understanding of your procurement performance.

Join the future of Procurement and Finance Operations.