The ultimate
Procurement and Finance Operations platform

The ultimate
Procurement and Finance Operations platform

Flowie helps companies manage Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C) and cash flow processes on one unified modern platform.

The most advanced platform, built around AI

Consumer-grade interfaces and UX for global adoption


Integrate natively Flowie in minutes with all your tools

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Modern UX. Full automation. Global control.
Total visibility. Built around deep AI.

Manage Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and cashflows on one platform.
Discover the world's first AI Copilot for Procurement and Finance Operations.


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Streamline your entire P2P process, from invoice intake to approvals and payments. Easily sync with your accounting software.
Top features :
PO Management
Supplier Portals
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Cash Flows

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Consolidate your bank accounts, monitor your cash flows, manage forecasts and gain global control over your cash.
Top features :
Cash Flow Monitoring
Cash Flow Forecast
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Send invoices, track everything, automate your cash collection and receive payments directly to your bank account.
Top features :
Order Management
Cash Recovery
Cash Collection Insights
Customer Portal
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The modern unified platform built for Procurement and Finance Operations efficiency at scale.

+10 hours

saved monthly (on average)


of visibility and control over your spend and cash collection


faster payments from clients (reduced DSO)


compliant with worldwide e-invoicing regulations

We help all of your teams.
Leave no one behind.

Before Flowie

Employees are asked to approve invoices, but they often miss the approval context. They also often bypass spend controls due to their complexity, manual nature, and lack of transparency. This poor adoption results in diminished spend visibility and lost opportunities for savings.


With Flowie

Employees are helped during approvals by the world's first AI Copilot summarising the necessary information. They take the right decision quickly, accelerating procurement processes. Employees also benefit from a single entry point for all purchase requests with a process that is efficient and effective, helping retain cash within the business.

Before Flowie

Finance teams struggle with limited visibility and control over spendings and cash collection, all while having divergences from decided budgets. Cash flows are uncontrolled, meaning cash management is a day to day struggle.

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With Flowie

Finance teams setup clear and automated processes for purchase requests, approvals, payments... It allows total control on cash in and cash out, resulting in better focus on business growth.

Discover how we help the Finance team
Validation help

Before Flowie

Procurement teams struggle to enforce spend controls, and spend time and energy to keep up with all the requests from employees.

Issue messages

With Flowie

Working with Procurement becomes simple. Spend control is global, and purchase request are approved quickly and with total transparence.

Discover how we help the Procurement team
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Before Flowie

Sales teams are tasked by Finance to spend time contacting customers to collect late payment, taking time off from signing new customers.

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With Flowie

Sales teams don't need to manage cash collection : we take care of it. Finance gain visibility on the 1% where automated AR is not enough and easily work with Sales to collect the remaining.

Discover how we help the Sales team
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Before Flowie

IT departments sees an increasing number of vendors, while security teams struggle to obtain essential information from vendors. This scattered approach to data collection results in approval bottlenecks and heightened cybersecurity risks.

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With Flowie

Dynamic intake and approval workflows make compliance straightforward. IT can effectively manage duplicate vendors, and security teams proactively address and mitigate critical risks.

Discover how we help the IT & Security team
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Before Flowie

Legal teams are not efficiently involved in the approval processes. It results in delayed transactions and expose the business to unnecessary risks.

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With Flowie

Automated intake and approval workflows ensure alignment across teams. Legal departments can identify potential risks early on, and proactive contract renewals become the norm.

Discover how we help the Legal team
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We are built for every size of business


Automate your invoice and cashflow management, so you can focus on what matters : your business growth.
Examples of key benefits :
Make invoice management simple
Manage your cashflow
Comply with e-invoicing worldwide
Setup Flowie in minutes
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Centralize and customize your P2P,  O2C and cashflows within one platform to gain time, control and efficiency.
Examples of key benefits :
Validate invoices and PO with an AI Copilot
Automate with workflows
Customize Flowie to your needs
Modernize your procurement
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Optimize the Group's financial processes by leveraging the latest technologies in finance, AI, automation.
Examples of key benefits :
Manage all your entities worldwide
100% of control, visibility and security
Optimize international cashflows
Leverage IA for deep efficiency
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Frequently asked questions

What is P2P and O2C ?

P2P means Procure-to-Pay : it's the overall process with vendors from intake to payment.
O2C means Order-to-Cash : it's the overall process with customers from order to cash collection.

How do you price ?

Our pricing is based on the number of managed invoices per month.

How do I connect my accounting software / ERPs ?

We have built off-the-shelf native connectors to all the popular tools of your ecosystem : accounting softwares, ERPs, CRMs, banks, TMSs etc...

How do I create an account ?

Just click on "Get a demo", and schedule a meeting with one of our experts. He will give you the access to the platform.

Is Flowie secure ?

Definitely. We are certified ISO 27 001, which is one of the highest certification on information security.

Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes we do offer a 2 month free trial where you are unlimited in the number of invoice you can manage through Flowie. During this trial, you have access to all features and all integrations.

What other certifications and norms do Flowie have ?

We are GDPR compliant, B-Corp and we have a ECOVADIS certificate.

Does my supplier or buyer need to pay to have access to Flowie Portals ?

No, they will have access for free.

Join the future of Procurement and Finance Operations.
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