FLowie for mid-market

P2P, O2C and cash flows for mid-sized companies

We help mid-sized companies unify their P2P, O2C and cash flows on one platform with consumer-grade user experience. We unlock the scaling of your Procurement and Finance Operations with sophisticated, enterprise-grade protocols and adherence to global compliance standards.


Built for global adoption with consumer-grade UX

100% control over spendings and cash collection


No code workflows for all use cases : approvals...


Total visibility and control over all your cash flows

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Scale your Procurement and Finance Operations with Flowie

Until now, you may have been working with a set of different tools for P2P, O2C and cash flow management.

By unifying them in one platform, you reach the future of Finance Operations and Procurement.

That's what we do.

Drive entreprise-wide adoption with consumer-grade experience

Built by a world-class team of designers and engineers, we aim at building the perfect user experience for all teams : Finance, Procurement, Sales, IT & Security... Flowie is deployed fast via our native no code integrations to all of your existing ecosystem of tools.

Built for global adoption with consumer-grade UX

Flowie has been built by a world-class team of designers and engineers : we aim at building the perfect user experience for all teams. And we connect natively to all the popular tools of your ecosystem : no need for a long deployment project.

Facilitate effortless adoption by all

Using Flowie requires no training. We've meticulously designed the platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring immediate understanding and use.

Integrate natively in a few click with your tools

Gone are the days of month-long projects. With Flowie, integrate swiftly in just minutes using our pre-built native integrations with the popular tools you're already using.

PO from buyer view

Gain total control on spendings and cash collection

We have created Flowie to be the perfect procurement platform where requesters, approvers, and suppliers can work together to make purchase requests. On the O2C side, your Finance team and Sales team can work together on cash collection processes.
KPIs spend and cash collection

100% control over spendings and cash collection

Flowie has been developed as the ideal procurement platform, facilitating seamless collaboration among requesters, approvers, and suppliers in managing purchase requests. In terms of Order-to-Cash (O2C), we allow Finance and Sales to effectively coordinate on cash collection procedures.

Consolidate intakes to achieve spend visibility

Intake from any employee can be captured, providing complete visibility and control over spendings.

Improve cash collection processes

To enhance your cash management, accelerating collection from customers is essential. We centralize cash collection workflows, paving the path for better teamwork and collaboration between Finance and Sales.

Orchestrate no code workflows at scale : approvals, reminders...

We believe no code will help reaching the helm of Finance Operations and Procurement. With a simple user experience and no need to ask the IT team, you can build your own workflows directly.

No code workflows for all use cases : approvals...

We are convinced that no-code solutions are key to mastering Procurement and Finance Operations. Offering an easy-to-use experience without IT team dependency, you have the ability to create your own workflows effortlessly.

Build workflows using no-code

No code allows you to create workflows as fast and easily as humanly possible. You have the blocks : your imagination is your only limit !

Create cross-functional workflows

We are building no-code workflow templates for all the usual situations you can encounter.

Workflow view

Get 100% visibility on all internal and external cashflows

By managing P2P and O2C within one platform, you unlock the Graal of Financial Operations : total visibility and control over cashflow management, especially on forecasted incoming cashflows. By connecting all your accounts to Flowie, you reach cashflow efficiency.
KPIs cashflow view

Total visibility and control over all your cash flows

By handling both P2P and O2C within a single platform, you attain the pinnacle of Procurement and Financial Operations: visibility and control over all cash flows, especially incoming.

Unlock a consolidated view of your cash

In just a few clicks, link all your accounts with Flowie. This enables you to track all past transactions and associate them with POs and invoices, with the help of our AI Copilot.

Gain 100% visibility and control on all cashflows

Managing incoming cash flows from customers can be challenging, but we assist you in gaining unmatched visibility through O2C oversight and enhanced communication via the Customer Portal.

Join the future of Procurement and Finance Operations.
Meet Flowie.