FLowie for Legal

Manage risk in your P2P and O2C processes

Involve your Legal team across your P2P and O2C processes through Flowie. Let them review and approve documents and vendors before starting transations.


Assess vendors risk by collecting key data

Activate Legal efficiently for non-paying customers


Streamline approvals with the help of our AI Copilot


Comply with e-invoicing security regulations

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Easily involve the Legal team across your organization

Legal is usually the last team that Procurement and Finance Operations platforms build for. On the contrary, we think the Legal team should have a seat at the table. Flowie is built to streamline the Legal team's involvement.
We connect in a few clicks with your existing ecosystem of tools : accounting software, ERPs, banks...

Assess vendors risk

Safeguard vendor compliance from the start and throughout the relationship. By centralizing all vendor information, documents, and risk assessments, you can easily access details without the need for constant follow-up.

Help Legal with our AI Copilot

We are building the world's first and only AI Copilot that can also help by reviewing Legal components across P2P and O2C processes.

Comply with e-invoicing

Flowie is compliant with e-invoicing regulations in more than 60+ countries : we send tax information to states in real time, especially the countries where CTC (Continuous Transaction Control) is in place. We even electronically sign invoices to ensure security agains fraud.

Join the future of Procurement and Finance Operations.