November 30, 2023

Flowie will become a PDP (Partner Dematerialization Platform)

Rémi Legorrec

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Rémi Legorrec


CRO et Cofondateur

Flowie will become a PDP (Partner Dematerialization Platform)
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The 2024 Electronic Invoicing Reform

Starting from July 1, 2024, all businesses must be able to receive an electronic invoice. On the same date, large companies will be required to issue electronic invoices. This obligation will become effective on January 1, 2025, for intermediate-sized enterprises and on January 1, 2026, for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Companies will be required to transmit and receive invoices in one of the formats mandated by the reform and then forward them to their clients, not directly, but either through a public billing platform or through a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP) approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Partner Dematerialization Platforms

PDPs are offered by private entities and ensure the issuance, transmission, and reception of electronic invoices in compliance with the reform's provisions.

To be recognized as a PDP, platforms must be registered by the tax administration. This registration is granted following the review of an application submitted by the operator. The operator must prove its capacity to fulfill the required functionalities of a PDP and provide sufficient guarantees.

Flowie: A PDP Driven by Disruptive Technological Innovations

Flowie aims to become a state-certified dematerialization platform for all VAT-liable entities. As a PDP, Flowie will meet the regulatory requirements of the reform:

  • Centralize the reception of your invoices
  • Automatically transmit your customer invoices to the appropriate recipient and the tax administration, in accordance with the formats required by the reform and in a fully automated manner.

More importantly, it will go beyond the requirements of the reform to continue increasing its clients' competitiveness. Labeled as deep tech, Flowie offers advanced B2B transaction services that allow financial departments to optimize their operational performance through, for example:

  • An AI-powered invoice validation co-pilot
  • Advanced collaboration and automation services
  • Data governance and analysis systems for complete and real-time visibility of cash flow

This reform will allow us to serve our clients even better. We commit to assisting them as simply as possible in this significant transition for the French economy and the life of businesses.

Rémi Legorrec
Rémi Legorrec
CRO et Cofondateur

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