March 15, 2024

Flowie News of March

Rémi Legorrec

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Rémi Legorrec


CRO et Cofondateur

Flowie News of March
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We're thrilled to share with you a series of exciting updates. Here's what's been happening with Flowie this month:


1 / Launch of Flowie's AI Chatbot for Finance and Procurement 🤖


Flowie launch the beta of the first GPT-like chatbot to streamline access to procurement and finance information. By normalizing and accessing all the data, Flowie enables users to access an advanced conversational "GPT-like" system, maximizing the value derived from the data !

2 / Flowie at Republik HA's Responsible Procurement Event 🌱


We participated in the "Responsible Procurement" event organized by Republik HA on March 7th and 8th. This was a significant moment for us as we showcased how we are becoming an ESG-powered Procurement & Finance Orchestration platform.

Discover Flowie's ESG functionalities here.

3/ Recognition as "Ecosystem Partner" by Procurescape 🔬


Flowie has been recognized as "Ecosystem Partner" by ProcureScape, a testament to our innovative contributions and collaborations within the procurement industry.


Dive in the interview of our CEO, Yann Ravel-Sibillot, with Oliver Bishop to discover more about our journey and the innovative strides we are making in the industry!

Read the ProcureScape interview here.

4 / Other new product releases  ✨

  1. Line-Item Tagging: Flowie now offers line-item tagging capabilities, enabling users to assign tags at the most granular level of transaction details. Line-item tagging facilitates deeper analysis and more tailored decision-making processes.
  2. Full Table Redesign for Enhanced Usability: We have completed a comprehensive redesign of all tables across on the Flowie platform to enhance filters, user experience, and overall fluidity. This redesign improves data accessibility and interaction intuitiveness for quicker information retrieval.
  3. Purchase order and Invoice matching : You can now match your purchase order and invoice at the document level to maintain consistent information.
Rémi Legorrec
Rémi Legorrec
CRO et Cofondateur

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