January 26, 2024

Flowie News of January

Rémi Legorrec

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Rémi Legorrec


CRO et Cofondateur

Flowie News of January
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For those we haven't yet had the opportunity to speak with since the start of the month, we wish you a very happy new year 2024 !

We closed 2023 with a lot of emotion and pride. Emotion because it was the first full year of the Flowie adventure. Pride because we are extremely proud of the path traveled, the work accomplished and above all the many encounters which open up magnificent prospects for 2024.

We look forward to continuing building the most advanced and modern Procurement and Finance Operations platform with you.

Let's recap what we achieved together in 2023 :

1. The Flowie Platform - What we have built

We are extremely proud to have built a complete end-to-end P2P / O2C platform, with a very strong innovative positioning and leveraging new technologies (especially IA).

Flowie already unlocks efficiency, collaboration and automation of key Procurement and Finance Operations processes with the current capabilities live today !

On the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) side, some examples of capabilities :

  • Intake / Purchase Requests : users can submit PR with total or minimal information that can be approved and converted into the corresponding PO.
  • Vendor PO and Invoice Management with Vendor Portal : you can manage and send POs from Flowie to your vendors. We manage vendor invoices from any country, from importing to approval and payment with TMS integrations & Open Banking (instant, next day or scheduled). Your vendor has visibility on invoice and payment statuses, and you can collaborate together directly within Flowie.
  • AP Automation : we automatically collect vendor invoices from emails, and our OCR fills all the key fields. Our complete customizable tag management system allows accounting and analytical flexibility. We also manage tax rates from anywhere in the world. Everything is exportable.
  • Approval Workflows : you can build workflows with our no code builder to approve vendor invoices and PR. Involve people / teams / roles efficiently.
  • Budget Management : you can build punctual and recurrent budgets, with an owner, and visualize spending, engagement and PR impacts in real time.
  • Vendor Management : you can see all your vendors, with your DSO, and you can have the view over all the related invoices.
  • Multi-organization Management with Roles and Permissions : you can manage all your organizations within Flowie, in a clean and normalized fashion. All the P2P / O2C capabilities are organization-dependent. You can manage permissions with our role system. You can use our templated roles or build your custom role.
  • Deep Collaboration : anyone can comment on any document (invoice, PO...) both internally between all your teams, and with your vendor and clients within the platform (through the portals)
  • Flowie IA Copilot : our AI Copilot helps during approvals by comparing contextual information and documents with the content of the invoice

On the Order-to-Cash (O2C) side :

And on a global platform level :

  • We are already worldwide compliant on e-invoicing regulations, and especially "PDP candidate" in France. We also manage specific invoice obligations (like portuguese invoices that need specific information)
  • We have a full set of live integrations (see after)

2. Our presence at key Finance and Procurement events

We have been present at multiple key events during the year :

  • Our official launch night at the "Maison du Danemark" on the Champs-Élysées with many of you !****
  • HA! Days by HA! Republik
  • Finance Revolution of Daf Mag
  • Paris Fintech Forum
  • AI for Finance Summit by Artefact
  • Fintech R:Evolution by France Fintech
  • Salon Solutions
  • and others, including Daf Day by Finance Innovation, Vivatech...

You were also able to find us at the "Gala des Achats" by HA! Republik on December 14 where we had the opportunity to meet some of the major players in the world of purchasing in France.

We also had the chance to be selected to participate in the ADRA'UP Procurement event : it was a wonderful moment of exchange with purchasing directors from different backgrounds.

3. Flowie officially "PDP candidate" in France

After a year of work, we have been officially selected by the French state as a "PDP Candidate" !

Flowie is part of a list of 46 companies that have been highlighted by the state to become a key player in regards to the e-invoicing regulation.

We are also in the Pilot phase of the French State, making us one of the first editors to connect to the central state platform.

4. A focus on our integrations

Even though we can directly connect with any solution via flat files, we are building bidirectional synchronous API integrations with major tools and solutions used in companies.

For a reminder, we are building direct integrations with solutions in :

  • ERP and Accounting software : NetSuite, Odoo, Sage 100...
  • CRMs : Salesforce, Hubspot...
  • Productivity : Slack, Teams, Google Drive, JIRA, Zapier...
  • HR ISs : Lucca, Personio, Workday, Rippling...
  • Banks and TMS : a large list !
  • IT & Security : Google SSO, Okta, Microsoft 365...
  • Data and FP&A : Google Sheet, Pigment, Power BI, Segment...
  • Legal : Leeway, Ironclad...

Today, we have already built a large list of these integrations, especially with accounting softwares : Odoo, Sage Bob 50, Sage 50, Sage 100, Axonaut, Exact Online, Winbooks, Horus, Pennylane, ACD, Winbiz, My Unisoft, Octopus.be, Minox...

We're also thrilled to announce the integration with Oracle Netsuite thanks to our trusted partner, Prerequis. If you are using Netsuite, this collaboration promises to streamline operations with your suppliers and clients, fostering seamless business processes and enhanced communication.

We are also launching in the next 2 weeks our integration with Chorus Pro, the platform used for sending and receiving invoices with the public sector

5. Certifications, labels and public sector central purchasing offices

This year, we have worked hard to become certified ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant, highlighting our focus on security and information management.

On the subject of sustainability, we have been certified B-CORP, and are part of the program 1% for the planet.

We are now officially able to engage with government administrations and public organisations, thanks to our listing on the UGAP and RESAH central purchasing offices. This milestone allows us to expand our reach and offer our services to a wider range of public sector clients.

We hope you will continue to follow our journey, in order to become a leading Procurement and Finance Operations platform !

The Flowie team

Rémi Legorrec
Rémi Legorrec
CRO et Cofondateur

Join the future of Procurement and Finance Operations.