Validate your invoices with our AI Copilot

Accelerate your validation process with the right people and info
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Accelerate your validation process thanks to our invoice contextual information AI engine

Speed up validation with the context always attached to the invoice

The supplier can attach to the invoice all the documents he wants to help you validate it fast. Always have the context available so that validation becomes blasting fast !
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Involve the right people to help you validate the invoice

When you receive the invoice, you can involve your colleagues on the fly just by adding them in one clic, if they are relevant. You can also pre-build validation teams !

Send a request to your supplier when the invoice has an issue

If the invoice has a validation-blocking issue, send a request to your supplier to stop the validation process. The supplier has to resolve the issue to unlock the validation process again !
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Notify your supplier in real-time when the invoice is validated

Relax your supplier by giving visibility on the validation process : he will know when the invoice he sent has been validated !

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